Why You Should Consider A Biometric Gun Safe?

By ChrisMandia | Last Update: March 9, 2019
Fingerprint Biometric Gun Safe
Fingerprint Biometric Gun Safe

Choosing the right type of safe to store your gun is can be the most important decision you ever make. A biometric gun safe provides you with an advanced option that offers some pretty useful features. In this article, I will try to outline some of the advantages of owning and using a fingerprint gun safe.

Fingerprint Gun Safe

One of the most obvious advantages is the ease of use. You do not need to remember a key code or have a keep a key on hand. This can be very advantageous if you are suddenly in a stressful situation and you need to access your gun very quickly. A lot of times people tend to misplace the keys to their gun safes. Even worse, some people keep the keys in very accessible locations. This totally defeats the purpose of locking up your guns in the first place. If the key is located right next to the safe or in a drawer right near it then the safe itself is useless.

Another large advantage is the accessibility controls provided with a biometric gun safe. Most models are capable of storing multiple fingerprints. This allows you to provide access to only people you deem trustworthy enough to have access to your guns. A good example of the advantages of this feature is a married couple with kids. Obviously, they do not want the kids to have access to the guns but the husband and wife would need access. Both would be able to store their fingerprints on the fingerprint gun safe so they can both get to the gun if need be. The stored prints can be managed very easily.

If an intruder gets into a home featuring a biometric gun safe they will not be able to access the weapons. This addresses the concern one may have that their own weapons can be used against them.

The main feature behind a biometric gun safe or a fingerprint gun safe is its security locking mechanism. The method in which the safe is locked and unlocked is based upon the scanning of your fingerprints. That is the very basic distinction between other safes and this type of gun safe.

It is important to understand the technology behind the mechanism before you decide to protect your family with a gun safe of this type. Biometric technology is not anything new. It has been more commonly used to limit access to high-security areas is secured buildings. I am sure everyone has seen a movie where an actor must put his thumb or finger on to a little scanner before a door slides open. What that little scanner does is match certain points and features on any given fingerprint against a stored set of known fingerprints. If it detects a match then it unlocks whatever is locked and access is granted. A biometric gun safe simply grants access to the guns stored inside.

Each and every person has totally unique fingerprints. They are a collection of loops, whirls, and swirls that for a pattern. At some points these features intersect and form points that can be measured to identify a single person. This is the same basic technology that investigators use in crime scene investigation to identify criminals.

The outside of the safe is similar to others. They are usually made of stainless steel. They can be made to be waterproof, fireproof and shockproof. Something people usually forget is that biometric gun safes are commonly small and meant for handguns. It is a good idea to tie down your safe so I can not be stolen.

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