Recommendations When Buying a Gun Safe

By ChrisMandia | Last Update: August 1, 2019
Gun Safe

Buying a gun safe is a serious matter that all gun owners should take seriously. Keeping firearms stored away properly is one of the best ways to protect oneself from any sort of unwanted mishaps.

Getting a safe for guns is not that difficult of a task. There are some things that buyers should keep in mind before buying their safe. Here are some recommendations for those who want to buy storage safe for their guns that can help in choosing the right one.

Buying the right size

Choosing the right sized safe is deceptively simple. After all, how hard is it to get the right-sized safe right? People often buy a safe that fits all of their guns.

Contrary to what most people think, buying a safe that is just the right size for storage is a common mistake. Most people buy a safe that is just the right size but can often end up being too small. A prudent gun owner should buy a safe with a little bit of allowance.

The small allowance may seem trivial but will go a long way in ensuring that there is enough storage space for the owner’s guns. Adding an extra room is a smart idea since a gun owner can use that extra room when expanding his collection of firearms. That extra space could end up saving someone the trouble of having to buy a new safe when they expand their gun collection.

Taking a look at design and construction

Without going too in-depth on the subject matter, gun safe design and construction are some of the most common things that consumers should look into. The more important elements are safe and door thickness, lock toughness, and fire resistance.

Safe thickness

Thickness is one of the more important aspects of a safe’s construction. There are plenty of safes out there and their ability to do their job properly depends largely on their thickness. The thicker the safe, the better it will be in keeping the guns stowed away safely.

A tough lock to crack

The locking mechanism is another crucial design element that buyers must consider. A well-constructed locking mechanism goes far in making sure that the guns are safely stowed away. The safe’s thickness would not matter much if its lock was an easy one to crack. There is a wide variety of different designs and gun owners would do well to get acquainted with each of them.

Door construction is also important. At the very least, gun owners should look for a safe that has a door that is at least a quarter-inch of solid plate steel to afford decent protection. The thicker the door’s safe, the better.

Trial by fire

Fire resistance will determine how well a safe keep its contents secure. At the very minimum, a safe should be capable of withstanding an hour’s worth of fire. This one-hour fire rating is often the standard that most professionals recommend. These safes are excellent at resisting fire, smoke, and moisture.

Keep these simple tips in mind, and buying a gun safe should not be that complicated of an ordeal.

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